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An online meetup for Ruby enthusiasts from around the world, and if we’re lucky - the galaxy.

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🎉 Launching v0.4 on April 29th, 2021 19:00 UTC

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Hosted by Danny Ramos , and Rachael Wright-Munn
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Talks for Ruby Galaxy April 🌌

ViewComponents in the Real World

Rails 6.1 added support for rendering objects such as ViewComponents. In this talk, we’ll share what we’ve learned scaling to hundreds of ViewComponents in the GitHub application, open sourcing a library of ViewComponents, and nurturing a community around the project.

Joel Hawksley
Joel is a software engineer at GitHub and the creator of ViewComponent.

Setup Ruby for GitHub Actions and MySpace

DevOps goals have stayed the same over the year, but our tools, infrastructure, and operating models have changed. To support modern software delivery, organizations must establish and share proven developer workflows. This talk will focus on building an automated README with GitHub Actions. Plan to leave this talk with ideas on how you can automate new portions of your software development workflows, outside of CI/CD.

Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas is a Developer Advocate at GitHub where he works on increasing use of the GitHub’s platform specific features (Ask him about GitHub Actions!) through technical content distributed on the internet. In addition to that, Brian has a passion open source and loves mentoring new contributors.

JSON Web Tokens and Decentralized Identity - What Ruby Developers Need To Know

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) provide verifiable identity in distributed systems and are usually generated by centralized identity providers. I’ll walk though how JWTs solve the decentralized identity problem for Ruby devs. Learn about JWT structure, how to use them and mistakes to avoid.

Dan Moore
Dan is a developer of nearly 20 years. He's supported business critical applications as a team member, a contractor and a manager across a number of domains including real estate, horse racing and oil and gas. He's participated on five startups as a co-founder, employee or contractor (Homesphones, Formatdynamics, Vu, Katasi, The Food Corridor). He's helped organize Boulder Ruby since 2019. He's been an authorized Amazon Web Services instructor. He's worked with very small startups and companies like Oracle and Level 3.

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